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The Team

On-Demand Instructors


Amanda | she/they |

Studio Owner, Stott Pilates Instructor,  Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, & Corrective Exercise Specialist

I teach all types of fitness and movement with a focus on clients connecting to their body- not their neighbors. I also offer spiritual cleansings, divination and lite exorcisms to those in need.

Class Vibe: Efficient, Tailored, & Light-Hearted 

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Coach Staci | she/they |

Functional Strength & Conditioning

I own a functional fitness facility in the heart of Wailuku where I offer small group training, personal training, and nutrition coaching. I focus on whole life wellness with my specialty being in finding ways to move your body in ways that feel good to you and finding a nutrition approach that works for your life and mindset.

Class Vibe: High Energy Realness

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Vehia | she |

Classical Pilates Instructor

I’m originally from New Jersey but I own a Pilates studio in Bermuda. My goal is to make Pilates accessible to everyone.

Class Vibe: Funny, Firm,  & Flexible

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Santina | she |

Dance, Movement, & Fitness Based Classes 

I believe we all deserve the opportunity and safe space to feel empowered, confident, and sexy, in our own skin and within our body's movement expression.

Class Vibe: Energetic, Joyful, & Invigorating

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