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Class Offerings

The most important class in your repertoire as a beginner. Build best practices on the reformer as well as modifications for common exercises so they work best for you. Gain confidence in the building blocks of exercises and moves that we layer upon in other classes. You will improve, calibrate, and reassess exercise sequences. We recommend revisiting this class frequently, even when, and if, you feel like you are an advanced Pilates practitioner. Expect a beginner friendly pace but remember- Pilates requires your mental presence and ultimately you choose how much challenge you bring to the work.

A bread and butter class! You have improved your sense of balance and where your body is in space. You understand the principles of Pilates and postural markers an instructor may use to verbally cue you into a position. You are comfortable with making basic adjustments to the reformer. Expect an increase in general balance and coordination challenges throughout the session. You will be layering onto the foundational exercises and building new blocks for advanced exercises. Expect an intentional pace with the occasional lull if something needs a mini deep dive. 


We begin to push the envelope in this class with more challenging and complex moves, and coordination. Expect an intentional pace with known series and sequences but lulls to learn new moves and understand them better. Attend this class after attending several other classes and feeling comfortable with your grasp on neutral/imprint, lower lumbar flexion, thoracic extension/flexion. Avoid this class if you are in an acute injury/pain phase. 


Utilizing our Mat extenders on the reformer or mats on the ground; we focus on Pilates matwork and other types of movement using our bodies and small props. This class is appropriate for all levels and functions like roulette based on the bodies that show up.

A 30 minute express workout. Sometimes an hour is too long; other times you just need a quick option. Begins promptly. Drop in rate is slightly discounted from a normal drop-in but operates as a normal class credit against packs. We aim to hit the whole body and limit long transitions. 

We offer this as an opportunity to approach the full body workout in a workshop approach. Have something that feels muddled in other classes? Come to this class to break it down. It's a combination of deep dives, reviews, and fine-tuning various moves or series we do in other classes. It's also an opportunity to understand the start position for you in certain exercises. It's a group class with private/semi-private vibes. This is a great class for anyone new to reformer/pilates/working out- we may breakdown an advanced move but we do so by also showing a regression or alternative if need.

Renew is an opportunity for an active recovery and rejuvenation. It is an excellent warm-up or cool down. Trigger point and foam rolling tend to make an appearance. You will focus on spending longer times in release and stretch based intentions. This class will challenge your balance and help increase your endurance within exercises while maintaining a down-tempo approach. Make space for a slower pace with purposeful focus on breathing, articulation, and melting deeply into your practice


We convert the reformer utilizing the mat extender to set up a class that allows us access to Mat and Cadillac inspired work. We use the vertical frame to challenge unilateral control and strength. The springs are slightly heavier than the reformer springs so expect more strength challenge. The Mat provides a stable surface so it remains an accessible and approachable class no matter your experience. 

Jump 1
Time to shake things up by adding bursts of cardio to your foundational level class. This is a fan favorite for anyone who has ever tried it and can easily become part of a consistent practice for those that normally despise cardio! Jumpboard classes improve coordination, proprioception, cardio & muscular endurance and provide an invigorating endorphin rush. Expect an intentional pace with moderate approachable bursts.   

Jump 2
Take everything you've learned in Jump 1 and intermediate classes and kick it up a notch. We increase the balance and coordination challenges to help build and optimize new neural pathways. Instructors may add other bursts of cardio that do not involve the jumpboard. Expect an intentional pace with several moderate to long aerobic bursts. 

A session of chance, also known as "Instructors' choice." Anything goes within your instructor's discretion! It's a fun way to avoid getting bored or feeling monotonous in a routine. It may pull you out of your comfort zone or introduce you to something you didn't know you like! Typically a combination class but there really are no rules. Come surprise yourself! 

As we build a safe space, it is crucial to make room for grief, rest, joy and comradery in the movement for collective liberation. This class is specifically for those humans that are looking to actively connect to others with the same goal. We make room for free speech on topics most people prefer to avoid. All that seek equity in human rights and experiences are welcome. All levels welcome. We seek to let our guard down and enjoy the opportunity to connect to our own bodies and the hearts of our community. This is a sacred space where marginalized voices will be centered when discussion arises. 

It's our Pilates+ model with more resistance training. We add props including beams, bars, weights, kettlebells and more to bring a gym vibe to the workout. Expect sets and reps with active breaks.

We use the reformer/tower and other props to approach our class with a group fitness/Advanced influence. The class is taught to the bodies that show up (meaning all present levels are considered). Expect anything from holds, bursts, HIIT, Tabata, circuit, and more. This class is designed to get you closer to fatigue and will ask you to push your limit while maintaining form. We chose "Rage" because it's the kind of class that will help you channel a tough time into something productive by going inward, digging deep, and finding a focus through a challenge. Transmute stress and anger into power and precision here. 

**Our schedule is always subject to change. We offer classes that make sense for the population consistently attending. Not every class will be featured weekly.  Class with less than 4 people enrolled may be canceled. A Late Cancel is within 12 hours of the class.
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