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A Radical wellness studio


We are an accessible luxury experience in boutique fitness.
Our Studio is built as a safe space first.
We believe equity and justice are foundational for achieving wellness.

Our space has a primal vibe designed to empower your confidence and maximize transformation of all kinds. Every detail is intentional and symbolic. We do not have mirrors in effort to avoid distraction and make room for you to really connect to your mind & body.

Madre features custom Merrithew Pilates equipment and Bala props. We seek to offer wellness experiences and products that support their proper origins, people, and environment. We hold ourselves to a high standard.

Tonantzin by Carlos Beberena

At Madre, we invite you to expand your definitions of wellness, health, and fitness. Our personal well being and that of others, is the legacy that we leave the future generations and planet.

The weight of being responsible to our fellow humans is a weight only the strongest dare lift. We celebrate the strength gains you make within, and beyond the physical. We are here to remind you of your worth, your value, and your power. We are your biggest supporter on the journey to become your strongest self.

We want more for you. More than a gym. More than group fitness. More than pilates.

Welcome to radical holistic wellness. 

Mural by Render808 & He'e by Kiha Kaina


Our Mission

Wellness is political.  
We are here to make Pilates and boutique fitness more accessible and just as exciting. From our equipment to our pricing models, we seek to provide more options because one size and one offering rarely fits all.

We are unwavering in our commitment to joy and fun for EVERYONE and EVERY body. Too often, people are left out of a wonderful practice because they feel unwelcome or unsafe. We designed Madre to address this need.  

We recognize that true health and wellness require a deeply respectful and accountable relationship with the community. This studio is designed as a form of mutual aid. We aspire to empower everyone that crosses our path, to live a more fulfilled life through recognizing the wealth and worth they have to share with, as well as receive from others. 

We are here to disrupt the current industry with a simple truth.

Our values







To the Hawaiian Kingdom and her rightful people, we owe immense respect, unwavering humility, and a commitment to being of service as we are called.

To the āina, we owe ongoing vigilance of our impact with conscious effort

towards protection, conservation, and preservation.

The land & people are not separate.  May we remember how our behavior and choices directly affect others.  We aim to fully embody and be in consistent service to the true spirit of aloha. 


Kumu Wilmont led our blessing October 2023


Our Vision

We look forward to our children and future ancestors walking boldly in who they are, supported on a solid foundation of access to equitable health care, education, and opportunity.


We daydream of the time when wellness is not merely an aesthetic, appropriation, or only accessible through an insatiable appetite to outperform or keep pace with others. In our ideal world, chronic stress becomes less of a burden for so many to carry because we embrace and respect our fellow humans and planet as more valuable than profit. 

Everyone has more time for self care. Everyone is worthy. Ease becomes effortless because we have prioritized dignity and safety for both land and people. Collaboration reigns over competition.

Only then, can we take ourselves seriously about achieving wellness. 

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