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We are not your average boutique fitness studio and we depend on our patrons to help us stay that way.


Our sliding scale is the foundation of our mission to make wellness more accessible and requires intentional engagement before purchasing.

Choosing to honestly reflect on our situations is not something most establishments ask. In effort to create equity and maintain a space dedicated to less harm, we do.


We believe we all have abundance and gifts to share. We know we all have lessons and love to receive. 

Our Sliding Scale Tier Model

 Sliding Payment Scale

The sliding scale is a tool we use to address economic inequities in the multi-billion dollar wellness industry and the reality of income disparity in West Maui. Access to wellness experiences, spaces and healthcare depend directly on income. Until thriving wages are normalized, much of our society is merely surviving. We must work intentionally to stabilize this if we hope to take ourselves seriously about promoting authentic wellness. 

Each service offered in studio operates on a sliding scale. Clients select the tier which matches their current financial experience. We do not verify these selections and trust that those called to our space believe in our mission. Our survival as a business, and ability to hire is tied into this trust. Purchasing below your Tier is stealing. It's a small island; we usually find out and have no issue removing the wrong energy from the space. 

We offer 5 Tiers of pricing. Use the drop down menus on the right to answer example questions to find the tier that fits you best. These scales reflect the price for our single drop in class as an example.


The tiers may be fixed or on a sliding scale for different packages. Tier 1 0$ is available dependent upon the level of participation in the other tiers.  Email us for availability of Gift classes and details on Tier 1. Once in our system, locals can purchase Tier 1 packages above 0$ and Tier 2. Sadly, our scholarship tiers were being abused by the uber wealthy so now we have to micro-manage them. 

Tiers 3 through 5 are available for purchase through the website. To embody #radicalwellness we must pay those who work with us living wages. Participation across all 5 tiers enriches the studio environment as well as our local community. Visitors to Hawaii purchase Tier 3 or higher. If you own short-term rentals in Hawaii- you are Tier 4 or higher. If you have issues with this go elsewhere. 

There is a difference between needs and desires and we hope to encourage engagement with conscious purchasing. It shows us who and what we enthusiastically support and who and what we are potentially undermining.

We are all WORTH the intention it takes to participate. 

* I struggle to purchase basic necessities such as food or pay for bills like electricity frequently * I qualify for government assistance or live in a household where students receive free & reduced lunches * I was directly impacted by the Fire and am struggling to find my footing * I have recently foregone medical attention due to financial barriers * I am responsible for multiple dependents and worry about being able to keep us all afloat *I would not be able to participate in classes at cost * I am Kamaʻāina with valid identification If you are Tier 1, please email for current availability on 0$ packages or to be added to our waitlist. Tier 1 Range is 0-20$ for a drop in. Our Tier 1 package link will be emailed directly to you if you can afford more than 0$ but less than tier 2.

* I may stress about purchasing basic necessities but I am usually able to do so * I have access to reliable transportation * I am able to take time off for leisure and vacations * I am able to save for items or experiences I desire but will have to sacrifice other expendable purchases * I have family I can ask for financial assistance from in emergency *I am unable to afford to participate in classes at the next tier even if I make other financial sacrifices Tier 2 is 40-50$ for a drop in class.

* I am able to meet all of my or my immediate family's financial needs currently * I am able to take multiple vacations per year even if I choose not to * I have access to personal savings or generational wealth * I have relocated to Hawaii in search of a more fufilling life * I own a home in good repair or live in a luxury apartment, community, or rental * I am pretty comfortable financially and am excited to participate in this tier to support wellness in my local community, or the one I am vacationing in Tier 3 is 51-74$ for a drop in class.

* I own multiple residences or a diversified investment portfolio * I have access to generational wealth or have become the first to provide financial stability for my family * I am able to purchase luxury experiences, excursions, and brands * People come to me for financial advice or guidance * I am excited to participate at Tier 4 as a form of mutual aid for the local community I call home or my home away from home. Tier 4 is 75-100$ for a drop in class

A part-time resident made this Tier. They understood the assignment. He knew that even Tier 4 didn't hit his pocket or bank in a way that felt like a "cost." I explained Tier 4 as being for Jeff Bezos or celebrities- the client said- take it higher. "I am not Jeff Bezos." And I died of laughter and was simultaneously moved by their generosity. Tier 5 goes big because it can and it wants too... I just take the direction to allow the scale to go higher. You still choose how high.

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