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The Pilates+ Concept


Pilates Plus (Pilates+), is our dynamic and flexible approach to training you can expect in our core offerings.


Contemporary Pilates follows a framework that continues to evolve alongside an ever expanding body of research and curiosity. Although Pilates principals will guide most of our classes, you can expect considerable variation and creativity. We are personal trainers, TRX trainers, Corrective Exercise Specialists, Pre/Post-Partum specialists, Barre Instructors, and more so don't be surprised when other methods show up! We approach movement from a holistic perspective.

We aim to give you a full body workout in each class. Expect a warm-up that we treat with the same importance as the body of the session. We love a good flow but sometimes it is interrupted in order to nail down an exercise or make any necessary adjustments. We make room for teachable moments to help your long term practice blossom. Expect to laugh PLEASE! Fun is often an overlooked aspect of community fitness but we know how crucial it is when trying to commit to new habits, a new schedule, and a new place. If you are used to feeling annihilated by a fitness class; this will be different.  Pilates asks us to focus on our stabilizers as much as our global movers- the goal is a balanced session that shouldn't require days of recovery. 

Private sessions are collaborative. It is important we understand your goals and hopes for private training. This is where being a personal trainer in addition to a Pilates instructor can really shine.  All personal sessions begin with stationary and moving assessments as well as questionnaires and conversation. Periodic follow-up assessments may be performed as needed. 

Our studio is equipped with Merrithew/STOTT reformers. We have 4 SPX MAX reformers and 3 V2 Max Reformers. Each reformer has an accompanying tower for maximum group class versatility. We offer jumpboards with cross-bow attachments for added fun and accessibility. We have 2 split pedal chairs and a ladder barrel designated for private sessions or private group sessions. 

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